Leather Pride Amsterdam 2018 (25-28th October 2018)

My dear Leather Friends, I am Evert Leerson (Mister Leather Netherlands 2018) & Raymond Timmer (Mister Leather Amsterdam 2017) and now also Mister Leather Europe 2017. I am honored to invite you all to this special edition of Amsterdam Leather Pride. This edition is big and exciting. With the main party INVASION on Saturday night 27th October and from 21:00-23:00 the Mister Leather Netherlands 2019.

My year as Mr. Leather Amsterdam is soon coming to an end and it will be time to pass on this great honor. This year so far has been a fantastic rollercoaster ride and I met many amazing people along the way. Friendships for life have been created. As a proud gay leatherman I can look back on a wonderful experience. I have travelled across Europe to support my brothers and to promote the Dutch fetish scene. I have attended parties, social events, parades, and demonstrations. Fetish has many faces and we have to promote them all. Be who you want to be and live and let live have always been my mottos.

As a titleholder I feel it is my duty and obligation to work with and for the community. When the sad news of persecution in Chechnya came out I joined my fellow European misters and friends to raise awareness for this important issue. In Amsterdam I organized a fundraising event which was a great success and we were able to raise a large amount of money for our brothers in Chechnya. I also support my friends from Secret Garden who work hard for the rights of LGBTQ refugees in The Netherlands.

My collaboration with Hello Gorgeous continued and I was able to give back and help break down the stigma around HIV and Aids. I feel very fortunate in Amsterdam to have the freedom that we have, and we have continue to fight for our own freedom but even more so for the ones who are not able to fight.

The work of a mister is never done and therefor I am still continuing to work on several events and initiatives. We have to continue to not feel limited; I think we should feel free and celebrate our fetish. Wear your leather with pride and do what feels good for you.

I look forward to seeing you during Amsterdam Leather Pride where we will party and celebrate together. Thank you to everybody who has supported me during this amazing year. I will continue to support the leather scene. Till soon and don’t forget to be a bit bad as well.

Leather hug, Raymond, Mr. Leather Amsterdam 2017